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How to tell that you're obsessed.  Count one point for every question that you say yes to.  Then check what the write up says about your score at the bottom.  please answer truthfully.

Can you name 40 Pokemon right now, without looking at anything?
Have you seen at least 75% of the TV shows?
Do you collect the cards?
Do you go to anti-Pokemon sites just to diss the author?
Do you have Pokemon stuff in your room? (this only goes for stuff that isn't mutilated)
Do you get really mad if you miss Pokemon?(even if it's a repeat)
Does your life revolve around Pokemon?
Do you have at least two Pokemon games?
Do you admit to liking Pokemon?
Do you hate me for making this site?
Does your e-mail or screen name have anything to do with Pokemon? (this does not include anti-Pokemon)
Did you name any pets after a Pokemon?
Do you think that you are a "Pokemon master"?
Do you sing Pokemon songs? (the real ones, not made up versions)

1- 5 points.

Sure, maybe you know some stuff about Pokemon, but you can consider yourself a true Pokemon hater and for that, I congratulate you.  Hopefully, this is the score that most people get.

5-10 points.

So, you like Pokemon, but are not obsessed with it.  Either that, or a sibling loves it and forces you to like it too. (that's my situation anyway, so I am forced to hide my hatred of Pokemon) If that's your situation too, then you are a Pokemon hater.  If not, then you like Pokemon.

10- 14 points.

You should be ashamed of yourself! You are addicted.  If you have been this way for more than a year, then there is no hope for you. You can hope that you grow out of it eventually.  If you have been this way for less than a year, then there is still hope! Take my Ten steps to recovery and it may work!