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    If you scored 10- 14 points on 'How to tell that you're obsessed' or you already know that you're obsessed, then please follow these steps and you may be cured of the disease that is Pokemon, forever.

1:     Give away all of you're stuffed animals, stickers, and clothes with Pokemon on them.
2:     Erase all of your games and hide them in a corner where  you will never find them again
3:     Take your cards to a really high building and rip each one in half, before throwing it off the edge. Starting with your Charizard.
4:      Never watch the TV show again. Even if it means getting rid of your cable.
5:     Get someone to hypnotize you and suggest that you hate Pokemon.
6:      Start an anti-Pokemon web site.
7:      Draw mutilated pictures of Pikachu
8:      Convince yourself that Ash Ketchum is gay with Gary.
9:      Get mad at everyone who says that they like Pokemon.
10:   Go to Pokemon sites and diss Pokemon on their message board.

Hopefully these steps will work for you.  I fell very sad for you if they don't.