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We all have that little voice in our head (well at least I do) that says "KILL PIKACHU!" This page is dedicated to that little voice...inside my head-and possibly yours.

Well, this is the launch of this site so we'll see how well it does......  It's run by me, the AntiPikaFreak, and I have all sorts of stuff that is against Pukemon err, Pokemon, so enjoy!


I wanna eat very best
like no one ever has
to catch them is my real test
to eat them is my cause
I will travel across the land
searching far and wide
each Pokemon
for me to eat
with stuffing inside

gotta eat 'em all
It's you vs. me
I know it's my destiny
Oh, I'll eat you all
I'll cook you in your Pokeball

gotta eat 'em all
I'll get a Pikachu
I will eat you, yes it's true
I'll catch you  
and I'll eat you
Gotta eat 'em all
Gotta eat 'em all
Theme song written by the
AntiPikaFreak. Like it?

Disclaimer - I guess I need one
Reasons - Do you wonder how I could possibly hate Pokemon? Find out here.
Recipes - Learn which Pokemon taste the best, and how to cook them.
The Game- Object of this game is to cook a very rare Pokemon.(not up yet!)
Polls - Different questions every 2 weeks
Quiz - Do you secretly like Pokemon? (Not up yet!)
How to tell you're obsessed - as if you wouldn't know.
Ten steps to recovery - Yes! The addiction can be stopped!
Message Board
Contact me! - Do you have comments? Suggestions? Death threats? Send them here.

It's not junk 
mail, it's not food, it's S.P.A.M. an anti pokemon campaign!! Click to join