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Do you want to know why I hate Pokemon?  Here are five.

1.  The show is corny and the plot is really boring.  At first it was new and different, but after a while of seeing a greedy little kid trying to catch 'em all, it gets old very fast.  

2.  Pikachu.  Man, that little rat is just annoying and it's always him that saves the day.  Why can't they have another Pokemon save the day? I'm sure that lots of people would like to kill him.

3.  They can only say 1 frickin' word  that also happens to be their name!  That is just stupid.  Plus in the game, they only say stuff like "Pu puu" and "kyoo".

4.  The game has REALLY bad graphics and takes forever to beat.  It's also very addicting and is a complete waste of time and money!  

5.  The cards. This has to be the worst part of the Pokemon craze!  Kids are being seriously injured because they have a rare card that some other kid wants!